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Certified Professional Coach


Executive Coaching

Whether you are a senior executive or a new manager, learning how to more effectively lead, manage and deliver on organizational objectives is paramount. Because your personal leadership style drives this result, your coaching engagement is uniquely tailored to you—your goals, strengths, values and challenges.

Our executive coaching focuses on:
• Improving leadership skills and performance to increase your impact and influence.
• Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
• Identifying individual barriers and obstacles to success.
• Fostering accountability to inspire change.
• Facilitating individual change.

Our executive clients often feel the benefits of coaching far beyond the office, with improved work-life balance, decreased stress and increased personal fulfillment. Individual change—real and lasting change—is holistic.

Executive coaching sessions are completely confidential and can occur face-to-face or over the phone.

  • Terry's approach to coaching was right on the mark—she was always clear, candid and insightful. Our sessions were always based on goals, targets and, most critically, accountability. She held my feet to the fire when needed, and it was often needed!

    —Richard C. / Chicago

    The Leadership Perception process truly works!
    I knew many of my less-than-stellar habits, though never found a real path to improvement and success. I feel like a genius for hiring Behrman Group Coaching!

    —Esther J. / New York