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Certified Professional Coach


What Our Clients Say

  • I am more confident now in any situation where conflict arises. I truly see it as an opportunity for connection rather than something to be avoided.
    - Maria A. / St. Louis
  • I feel transformed by the coaching process with Terry and would recommend her to anyone seeking an honest, insightful perspective to personal or professional change management. She is a phenomenal coach!
    - Frank C. / Dallas
  • Our time together was focused on improving how I am perceived by leaders within my company. Terry was profound in her ability to help me recognize behaviors and situations in which I would be most successful and confident in order to achieve that objective. I strongly recommend Terry to anyone interested in serious professional development.
    - Lisa S. / Houston
  • Beyond the career work that we did together, Terry helped me see conflict resolution and some close personal relationships in a new way. As a result of our work together, those relationships were immensely improved and in a lasting way.
    - Alice M. / Boston
  • Terry's approach to coaching was right on the mark—she was always clear, candid and insightful. Our sessions were always based on goals, targets and, most critically, accountability. She held my feet to the fire when needed, and it was often needed!

    —Richard C. / Chicago

    The Leadership Perception process truly works!
    I knew many of my less-than-stellar habits, though never found a real path to improvement and success. I feel like a genius for hiring Behrman Group Coaching!

    —Esther J. / New York