TERRY BEHRMAN | 312.882.9014 | terry@behrmangroup.com

Certified Professional Coach

How do we start?

It’s simple:

1. CONNECT. Provide simple contact details and we’ll plan a call.

2. DISCUSS. We’ll spend 30-60 minutes discussing you, where you’ve been and where you plan to go. What would you like to achieve through coaching?

3. BEGIN. Most engagements begin with an ELI Assessment, though we may utilize a Value Assessment, Strength Exercise, 360 or other powerful tools. Our assessment debrief will provide key insights to inform the path forward.

  • Terry's approach to coaching was right on the mark—she was always clear, candid and insightful. Our sessions were always based on goals, targets and, most critically, accountability. She held my feet to the fire when needed, and it was often needed!

    —Richard C. / Chicago

    The Leadership Perception process truly works!
    I knew many of my less-than-stellar habits, though never found a real path to improvement and success. I feel like a genius for hiring Behrman Group Coaching!

    —Esther J. / New York