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Leadership Perception Process™

Leadership Perception Process

The Leadership Perception Process™ will serve as our guide throughout the engagement. This proprietary approach uncovers hidden abilities and untapped potential, while revealing the likelihood for success with current leadership styles.

This process—developed to complement the unique relationship between coach and client—is systematic, scalable and modular. It will identify strengths, obstacles and opportunities, en route to real and sustainable change.

After our initial introduction, we will select the assessment tools that are most suitable for the client and the engagement. In many cases, we utilize the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment. This powerful tool is an attitudinal assessment that provides deep insights into who you are by measuring attitudes, perceptions, motivations, and your overall perspective on life.

Our assessment debrief is the critical next step moving forward. It will inform all current perceptions and reveal new insights. We will identify your strengths, values, habits and behaviors. These measurements will inform our path forward, and provide you with some of the basic language of coaching used throughout the Leadership Perception Process.

The assessment debrief set our baseline, now we build on it. We will confirm key objectives, then identify behaviors and habits that are consistent obstacles to those goals. We will prioritze your personal barriers to professional growth and development, then embark on a path for transformational change.

The Leadership Perception process is holistic because we are not defined by random parts of our personal and professional lives. The decisions you make, the habits you develop and the person you project—these are all connected. Changing a mindset is holistic, so our strategy is comprehensive.

Change requires action, honest reflection and awareness. This is the time for action. Each client, now equipped with fresh insights, perspectives and a strategy for success, will carry these into daily life and work. Every strategy is unique to the client. One person may initially focus on a single roadblock—identify behavioral triggers and adjust reactions. Another client may focus specifically on interpersonal communications with direct reports or managers.

This process moves forward most effectively with a concerted client effort.

Leadership and coaching are both relationship-based, requiring trust, communication and accountability. Together, we now review and discuss progress, outcomes and perceptions. With a clear understanding of the initial results—new or notable changes, recognition of triggers and goal-blockers—we assess progress and adjust our strategy accordingly.

We will guide and support clients throughout this process, setting high expectations and clear accountability.

This powerful process only works with honest effort and perseverance. Clients will be guided and supported, though will always be held accountable. Together, we have clarified goals and perceptions. We have identified distinct behaviors, patterns and barriers to success. We have developed a strategy, evaluated results and adjusted forward paths.

Clients must now own and adopt the process. We only move forward together.


  • Terry's approach to coaching was right on the mark—she was always clear, candid and insightful. Our sessions were always based on goals, targets and, most critically, accountability. She held my feet to the fire when needed, and it was often needed!

    —Richard C. / Chicago

    The Leadership Perception process truly works!
    I knew many of my less-than-stellar habits, though never found a real path to improvement and success. I feel like a genius for hiring Behrman Group Coaching!

    —Esther J. / New York