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Certified Professional Coach

Behrman Group Consulting

The Behrman Group delivers results-oriented leadership coaching.
We partner with clients and organizations to maximize personal and professional potential. We will guide, support and challenge leaders to attain new levels of performance and satisfaction. Every engagement is confidential and uniquely tailored—designed to meet the needs, values and goals of the person being coached.

The Leadership Perception Process™—our guide throughout the engagement—is a proprietary approach developed to complement the unique relationship between coach and client. The process will identify strengths, obstacles and opportunities, en route to real and sustainable change.

Our mission is to guide managers and executives to recognize and unleash the extraordinary leader within.

Mechanics and Enlightenment

It was truly enlightening to begin to understand the mechanics of my particular circumstance—my choices, my judgment, my outcomes—which all needed various degrees of adjustment.
—Martin D. / Austin TX

Instrumental Change

Terry has a unique way about her that is gentle, yet firm. She was instrumental in helping me look within myself and take responsibility for issues I needed to address. She supported me throughout the process of making real and sustainable change.
—Victoria B. / Philadelphia

A Major Change

I worked with Terry during a time of career transition. I found her to be tremendously helpful in the process of gaining clarity and developing action plans to move forward.
—Shanaz B. / Ann Arbor MI

Resolution and Renewal

I am now more confident in any situation where conflict arises. I now see it as an opportunity for connection, rather than something to be avoided.
—Eleanor S. / Boston