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Oct 10, 2021 | Post by: admin Comments Off on Teleworking Agreement Malta

Teleworking Agreement Malta

The Maltese government has set up, through Malta Enterprise, a programme to help employers and the self-employed invest in technologies that enable telework and partially cover the costs of teleworking solutions. This call has been extended until 8 May 2020 and applies to all companies, regardless of their size and sector of activity. For more information, click here. (viii) termination of the telework contract and (ix) in cases where telework is carried out within the framework of the employment relationship and does not contain a reference to telework, a reference to the right to reversibility by one of the parties, including the worker`s right to return to his or her position prior to telework. An agreement on the execution of telework must be in writing and provide that employers are required to respect the privacy of their employees and to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [1] and the Data Protection Act[2] when processing the personal data and information of their employees. Any type of monitoring system involves the processing of personal data and must comply with the applicable data protection principles. Such a system can only be put in place if it is expressly agreed in the telework agreement and is proportionate to the objective. A data protection impact assessment is recommended whenever the introduction of such a monitoring system is envisaged. The law also provides that any surveillance system complies with the health and safety rules in force regarding the minimum requirements for occupational safety and health with screens. Telework can be agreed either as a condition of employment at the beginning of work or as part of the employment relationship. When telework is agreed in the context of employment, it is considered to be completely voluntary in the sense that the worker is free to accept or refuse an offer of telework made by the employer, just like the employer when the worker wishes to opt for telework.

If you are interested in implementing a telework directive or need more information or support, contact Dr Rita Mifsud, Dr Simon Galea Testaferrata or Dr Romina Bartolo, or email us at info@iurismalta.com. When a telework contract is concluded, the worker`s employment status and right to return to his previous position or, if this is not possible, to another similar position, remain unchanged and the worker continues to enjoy all the rights of all workers who do not telework and who are subject to the same guidelines. Once the application has been accepted, the company issues a letter of authorisation indicating the value of the aid granted. The company must provide and install the authorized equipment at the teleworker`s home within two (2) weeks of the letter of authorization. The beneficiary shall submit, for the three (3) months following the authorization, a monthly report on the teleworking activity of the worker. . . .