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Oct 06, 2021 | Post by: admin Comments Off on Separation Agreement In Uganda

Separation Agreement In Uganda

1. A spouse at whose request a decision on legal separation has been issued, if any, may then lodge an application for annulment of the decree at any time, on the ground that it was obtained in his or her absence and that, if desertion is the cause of the decree, there are appropriate excuses for the alleged desertion. Any person who, by referring to such a decree or injunction, makes a payment to the wife or authorizes a transfer or act of the woman must, notwithstanding the decree or order that was subsequently annulled, dismissed or amended, or that ended the separation of the woman from her husband, or at some point since the end of the order or order; are protected and compensated, as if, at the time of payment, transfer or deed, the order or order was valid and was still in force without amendment and the separation had not ended or did not end, unless, at the time of payment, transfer or other act, that person was aware of the cancellation, the discharge or amendment of the order or order to terminate or terminate the separation. A marriage contract is a contract concluded before marriage by the two people who marry. The agreement specifies how to deal with the property of one or both parties during the marriage and upon the dissolution of the marriage or the death of one or both parties. Effect of annulment, etc., legal separation or protection order. If the husband, a creditor or a person who claimed under him confiscates or maintains the wife`s property after becoming aware of such an order, the wife may recover the property and an amount equal to twice the value by taking legal action. (19) Effect of the repeal, etc., of legal separation or protection order. The above-mentioned agreement concerned until 17 December 2010, when the petitioner submitted an application by motion notice, requesting, inter alia, the annulment and annulment of the separation agreement concluded by the parties. The respondent filed an affidavit, arguing, among other things, that the application was not legally valid and that the separation agreement entered into by the parties constituted a judgment of approval and therefore could not be set aside. Where legal separation has been ordered under this Act, the wife shall be deemed undarried, from the date of the decree and during the continuation of the separation, in respect of property of any kind which she may acquire, acquire or transfer to her, and such property may be sold by her in all respects: As if she were not married; and at her death, if she dies selflessly, she will walk as it would have been if her husband had died at the time; However, if they reaccustom with her spouse, all the property that she is entitled to the execution of this cohabitation is kept separately, subject to a written agreement between her and her spouse during the separation.

This law does not prevent the wife from joining her at any time during the separation in the exercise of a common power conferred on her and her husband. An absolute decree declaring the dissolution of a marriage or a decree of legal separation acquired by a wife may be ordered by the court to order the husband to guarantee the wife a sum of money which may, where appropriate, rely on the husband`s efficiency and the conduct of the parties, taking into account his property. It remains reasonable….