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Sep 19, 2021 | Post by: admin Comments Off on Exclusivity Agreement Malaysia

Exclusivity Agreement Malaysia

There are no guidelines or cases on this subject and, in any event, the impact must be assessed taking into account brand competition. Precedents in other jurisdictions are compelling, but not binding. In addition, there are concerns where the seller is dominant in a market and the seller should also verify whether the restriction constitutes an abuse of a dominant position. Non-priceless non-competitive vertical agreements cannot be considered as `significant` anti-competitive effects if the seller`s or buyer`s individual market share does not exceed 25% of its relevant market. A horizontal agreement is an agreement between companies operating at the same level in the production or distribution chain. In other words, competitors in the same market, for example agreements between producers, wholesalers or retailers. No no. The definition of the agreement covers all forms of agreements, understandings and concerted practices. .

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