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Sep 14, 2021 | Post by: admin Comments Off on Cleaning Company Non Compete Agreement

Cleaning Company Non Compete Agreement

What is a non-compete clause and can it protect your cleaning company? There are many ways to prevent people from stealing your business. It would not be ethical for me to come and clean your house until the expiry of the statute of limitations for this agreement that I have. I`m sorry. Thank you for believing in me. I would accept a recommendation from one of your friends. “No, it doesn`t matter, I`m going down the street for 20 miles, and I`m not going to interfere with your clientele. I will never go back to any of the clients we had. I don`t want to kick your toes. I`m not here to compete with you. All I am looking for is a letter of recommendation and your blessing. Do you realize that the home cleaning industry is a very small sector? It`s a huge deal, but it`s a very small industry, everyone knows everyone. And everyone is talking.

And now we have social networks where talking is so much easier. The flip side of the page is that the courts in general will say, “Hey, you can`t stop someone from working” The personnel manual is your corporate culture and is written on paper. He says that`s what you expect, that`s what happens when you mis behave. That`s what happens when our customers mis behave, that`s what we tolerate, that`s what we don`t tolerate, that`s our social media policies. Can you call while you clean a house? All these things. That is my advice for today. If you find this helpful, please leave a note in the review section below. You can also ask questions about cleaning the house and tell us what you are working on in your cleaning shop. And until we see each other again, you will leave the world in a cleaner place than if you had found it.

A confidentiality agreement is also a good way to protect your cleaning business…