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Sep 13, 2021 | Post by: admin Comments Off on Ceu Collective Agreement 2017

Ceu Collective Agreement 2017

25.03 – If a Decision of the Senate calls for the reduction or elimination of a program, members working in that program will not be replaced when they leave Dalhousie University. In other circumstances, a department or other body that does not agree with a decision of non-replacement has the possibility of submitting its case to the academic planning committee of the faculty, unless the provisions of Article 26 or Article 27 apply; If an agreement cannot be reached as a result of the review by the faculty`s Academic Planning Committee, a department or other entity may apply to the Senate Committee on Academic Priorities and Budget, which definitively decides whether a replacement appointment is necessary to preserve the integrity of the program in question. Within ninety days after the effective date of the first appointment or entry into the bargaining unit, a newly appointed member or a person who has entered the bargaining unit may apply to the committee of the association committee to object to the payment of the contributions referred to in clause 7.02 or their equivalents. Such objection must be made on religious grounds that the member is a practising member of a recognized religion who has a doctrine against the payment of dues or the equivalent of dues to trade unions; or the objection must be raised, on grounds of conscience, against the fact that the member has an affirmative objection to the payment of dues or equivalents to trade unions. . . .