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Apr 15, 2021 | Post by: admin Comments Off on White Shipping Information Exchange Agreements

White Shipping Information Exchange Agreements

White navigation information relates to the exchange of prior information on the movement and identity of commercial non-military commercial vessels. Recently, India and the United States signed the White Shipping Agreement (CES) by introducing an information network protocol allowing navies from both countries to exchange information about ships in their ocean areas. The ships would be divided into white (merchant, grey (military) and black (illegal) vessels. This agreement is very important because it concerns the awareness of white shipping. The Indian navy has signed information exchange agreements with 19 countries for the shipping of white ships and has commissioned them with 12 countries. White Shipping refers to the commercial maritime information of cargo ships and India alone cannot collect all the information. The process of information exchange between countries has been stimulated at the highest level to improve collective maritime security in the Indian Ocean region (IOC). India has concluded several T-RMN agreements that will facilitate the exchange of information on transport on the high seas and contribute to maritime awareness. The White Sea Agreement allows India and the countries with which it signed the agreement to establish a protocol on information networks allowing navies of both countries to exchange information about ships in their oceanic areas. Ships would be encoded in colour based on their use This allows for better response to threats, faster decisions and the authorization of different vessels. Such concepts must be understood if relations between countries are to be fully understood. In this article, you can read the white transit agreement and its details for the IAS audit.

Get more information and advice on IAS audits by clicking on the link below: Since the whole world is connected by the sections of the oceans, it becomes very important to understand that there may be a security threat, as there can be any possible movement from one place to another. It also provides information on shipping. Aman Saberwal replies: White Shipping Information refers to the exchange of relevant prior information on the identity and movement of non-military merchant commercial vessels. This information was provided by minister of state for navigation Shri Pon. Radhakrishnan in a written response to a question in Lok Sabha today. The transnational nature of the maritime zone ensures unfettered movement across the seas. The Indian Ocean region (IOC) accounts for 66% of the world`s oil, 33% of bulk goods and 50% of container transport with more than 100,000 ships transiting through the country each year.