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Apr 11, 2021 | Post by: admin Comments Off on Sample Supplemental Lease Agreement

Sample Supplemental Lease Agreement

The tenant agrees to enter into a supplementary tenancy agreement with the lessor specifying the start of the lease. The Authority leases certain vehicles and buses to the contractor, as described in the supplementary lease agreement. Basic rent payable on any payment date that occurs before the effective date (including interest on principal interest and outstanding interest at the outstanding interest rate) and (ii) the additional rent less (b) the sum of all payments made under an indulgence, extension or other agreements with one of the parties to poJo , including the “initial payment” made under the December 16 forbeance agreement. , 2012. Any termination ends any obligation that the authority must fulfil in this contract; The supplementary lease ends; the holder is no longer authorized to act on behalf of the Authority. In such a case, the tenant and landlord immediately enter into a new complementary lease for new properties. Inspection and documentation of vehicles for the return of shuttles, service vehicles and equipment under the supplementary lease agreement. The contract agent may recall the creation of the property tax base by issuing a unilateral supplementary administrative lease indicating the base year, the amount of the property tax base and the government`s occupancy percentage. The opening date is confirmed by a supplementary lease agreement, which must be executed by the lessor and the government at the same time as the financial closing, and is not subject to any subsequent conditions, including, but not limited, to the completion or availability of all or part of the rental premises for the use and occupation of the state. Implementation of the supplementary lease (exhibition A-7) and related documents for shuttles, service vehicles and equipment. Orders are placed through the issuance of a GSA 276 form, a supplementary lease agreement.